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I am Powerful.

"Powerful" is our premium herbal blend that promotes hair growth, strengthens, and  moisturizes locs. We use a cold press process to slowly infuse fenugreek in to the oil to ensure maximum benefit. Fenugreek is a powerful plant, packed in nutrients. Its a great source of vitamins-A, B, C, K, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphates, folic acid, saponins, flavonoids, and many other components that are essential for healthy hair growth. Also, it has powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects that maintain a healthy scalp environment thereby promoting stronger hair growth and minimizing shedding.

Free & Forgiveness 

Our loc essential duo is the perfect addition to your regimen. "Forgiveness" is a detox spray that acts as an estrogen to cleanse away sweat and buildup between salon visits. "Freedom" is truly a vacation in a bottle, leaving your locs and scalp feeling refreshed. Freedom is our soothing oil, formulated to relieve itching and stimulate hair growth. This loc essential duo will be your go to product.

Detox Shampoo

Hydration leave in conditioner

Our apple cider vinegar Shampoo is one of the best detoxifying products you can add to your regimen. For a healthy scalp and strength, say goodbye to messy DIY detox solutions and choose our detox shampoo.

Hydration is something the loc community is always seeking. Our hydration leave in conditioner is the answer we have all been waiting for. This powerful formula conditions, hydrates and strengthens locs. As a bonus, acts as a heat protectant.

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